Canada Trip - Quick Hiking Video


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We slacked on uploading posts about our last trip to Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. To make it up I threw together a quick video of us on an overnight hike in Canada.

We hiked 12 kilometers, which is about 7 miles, to a campsite at Jacques Lake in Jasper National Park. The trail starts off absolutely gorgeous; you spend the first 4km hiking between two mountain ranges before arriving at a lake nestled in a wide clearing. The trail continues into dense forest for the next 8 km, passing another small lake, and then ends at a campground situated right on the edge of Jacques Lake.

About 45 minutes after we hit the first lake it started raining and didn’t stop until we had arrived at the end, built the tent, and climbed inside about 2.5 hours later. Even though we brought rain gear there’s only so much it can do. We were wet, cold, and a little grumpy, but mostly glad that we had completed the first part of the hike.

We were the first campers to arrive at the site, and only one other couple showed up so we almost had the whole area to ourselves. Not that we could do much with the rain, but we were grateful for the solitude.

We woke up the next day in better spirits, tried to dry everything off as much as possible, and began the hike back out. The video starts as we were leaving the campsite.