We're back!


It’s been almost a year since our trip to Japan, and also our last update to the blog. We never fully finished posting about everything we did, but I’m sure y’all have heard everything by now. Our vacations this year are coming up soon so I wanted to get back in the habit of posting semi-regularly.

Here are a few quick updates:

  • We moved into a house! Living room pictured above.
  • We updated how the blog looks.
  • Nick built a weightlifting platform in the garage: Weight Liftring Platform
  • Vito turned 6: Vito's Birthday Party
  • Cody now has her own room dedicated to crafts. She painted and stained two wood tables. One is our new coffee table in the living room. She also took the labels from some of Nick’s beer bottles and painted the canvas around it. I think it came out really cool! Cody's crafts
  • Nick got a new job! He’s still at the same company, and now runs all of paid search. If you search for ‘window replacement’ on Google or Bing, you will see ads for companies like Home Depot and Sears. Promoting ads like that are what he’s responsible for running now.

We have two vacations this year:

  • May
    • 3 days each in Zion National Park & Grand Canyon National Park
    • One night in Vegas before flying home.
  • August
    • Two weeks in Canada
    • Renting a car and driving from Calgary to Banff, Jasper, and Mt Robson National Parks, and then back to Calgary.
    • About half our nights will be spent camping, and the other half will be spent at AirBnB’s so we can shower and sleep on an actual mattress.

That’s it for now! Look for another update in May before our first vacation :)

Cody & Nick