Group photo at Sushiyori Inose

I’m going to dedicate this post solely to our first Japanese sushi adventure. One of my coworkers recently spent 3 weeks in Japan and I asked him for a sushi restaurant recommendation. He told me the best, and realest, sushi experience he had in Japan was at Sushiyori Inose.

We took his advice and asked our hotel to make a reservation for 4. Why 4? One of my other coworkers happens to be in Japan the same time Cody and I are!

The inside of Sushiyori Inose is very small. Like many of the other restaurants we’ve tried here, there are only about 10 seats inside and they surround the kitchen. The restaurant is run by a husband and wife; he prepares the fish and she serves the drinks. They are an absolutely adorable pair and they made our group of American tourists feel like family.

Prepare for delicious sushi pictures:

Left to right: Fatty fatty tuna, medium fatty tuna, tuna.


A fish that I forgot the name of

Fish lol

Red snapper Red Snapper

Mackerel Mackerel

Another fish I forgot the name of Unknown fish


Tuna with house special sauce Tuna with house special sauce

Uni (Sea urchin) Uni

Chef Special - Seared fatty fatty tuna. The best piece we had that night. Seared fatty fatty tuna

Two types of shrimp Shrimp

Fatty Tuna Rolls Fatty Tuna Rolls

Those pictures represent about half of the pieces of sushi we had that night. I got a little carried away and some pieces before I remembered to take a picture. In total we were there for 2 and a half hours. We were sat between two groups of Japanese people, and the chef alternated making pieces for all of us.

The style of the meal was entirely Chef’s selection. There are no menus, and we didn’t order anything besides some drinks. We sat down and he just started serving us. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone else who visits Japan. The dynamic between the husband and wife was adorable, and the Chef was hilarious and personable despite not speaking a lot of english. They treated us like family, took a group photo afterwards, walked us out the door and pointed to the nearest train station. I have incredibly fond memories of that night and it is a meal I will never forget.