San Francisco, California - October 2015


Bay selfie

Day 1

Note:This post is heavy on pictures, so it may take a bit longer to load than usual. It’s worth it, I promise.

We spent 2 full, fun filled days in San Francisco on the tail end of our trip to California this year. One of my friends lives there, who I met on the internet about 8 years ago, so I wanted to make some time to finally meet him in person. I’ve met a total of 5 people from the internet in real life, mostly from the internet radio station I started in high school, PinkGator Radio. My Mom actually got me a non-revenue ticket to Toronto, Canada, thanks to one of her perks of working at American Airlines, so I could visit some of my internet friends there in 2008. Thanks for being awesome, Mom :)

Cody and I caught a quick flight from LAX to OAK in order to meet my friend Tyler at his house in Castro Valley. We dropped our bags off at his place, got a quick tour, and then he took us to the BART station so we could head downtown while he went back to work. What was supposed to be a 45 minute ride on the BART was actually over an hour because I completely missed our stop. We ended up at the end of the line in Daly station, instead of in downtown San Francisco. Oops!

We hopped back on the train, got off on the right stop this time, and then a 15 minute Uber ride later we were at Fisherman’s Wharf, taking selfies on the bay in all our hair’s windblown glory. There was a literal one man band performing there. This guy had a drum set that he played entirely with his feet using pedals that he designed himself, a guitar, bass, keytar (keyboard in guitar format), a harmonica, and he SANG. He absolutely killed it in tips, and he was by far the most unique and talented street performer I’ve ever seen.

Lone Sound Ranger

We stopped for food afterwards, and couldn’t have picked a more appropriate spot…

Nick's Lighthouse

Cody and I were ill prepared for the breeze that blows off the bay, but managed to snap some good photos before the wind chill forced us to begin the journey back to Castro Valley.


Wharf 2

We rounded off the evening with some laser tag, a punk rock concert at the same laser tag arena, video games, and music.

Video Games

Day 2

This was the best day ever. Seriously. We hiked in the woods, had a dance party in the woods, hiked another hill to watch the sunset, found a hidden graffiti park, took photos of the Golden Gate bridge from the waterfront, ate delicious sushi, and drove to Twin Peaks for awesome night views of the city. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking here.

Miur Woods 1

Miur Woods selfie 1

Miur Woods couple

Miur Woods 2

Miur Woods selfie 2

Miur Woods 3

Hill Sunset


Golden Gate

Twin Peaks

This day was easily our favorite of the whole trip, and we both wish we could’ve spent more time exploring the city and surrounding areas. Tyler was a fantastic host and an overall cool dude. We’ll definitely be back :)