Outdoor Activities & Halloween Door Contest


Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge

A few weeks have passed since my last update. Cody and I went to ACL and a bunch of other concerts in the span of a few weeks, so it’s about time we took a break from that! With the holidays fast approaching concert season has started to slow down so we needed to find other fun things to do.

This weekend we went for a walk around Town Lake on the Butler hike and bike trail. This is one of my favorite spots in Austin because it’s easy to get to and offers great scenic views. We walked from about Zilker Park to South Lamar, where we hopped on a B-Cycle and continued our adventure on two wheels.

Biking on the bridge

We also competed in a Halloween door contest for our apartment complex. Cody is definitely the crafty one so she came up with the idea and bought all the supplies; I was just the labor :)

Our idea was a Batman themed door that looked like Joker’s cell in Arkham Asylum. With the exception of the picture of Joker, we made everything from scratch and decorated it ourself. We took pride in not using any pre-made door decorations so it took about two evenings for us to fully complete everything.

Overall we’re really happy with how our door turned out. Check out the final product below!

Halloween Door Contest