Austin City Limits, 10/3


Cute ass photo of Cody

If you live in Austin you pretty much have to go to Austin City Limits at least once. For those not from Texas, ACL is a two weekend-long music festival hosted in Austin’s beautiful Zilker park (pictured above). ACL is similar to Coachella, Bonnaroo, or Lollapalooza where you pay a high ticket price to see a lot of popular and up-and-coming artists in one swoop.

We only went for one day, but here’s some of the artists and bands that played the day we went:

ACL Friday Lineup

Neither Cody and I had ever been to a music festival before so I bought us both a ticket. The weather was absolutely beautiful that day so we hopped on a bus and arrived at the festival around 1pm.

Cody and Nick at the Entrance of ACL

From there we spent the day wandering around the park, listening to music, eating food, and drinking beer. Okay, maybe that last part was just me. Music festivals are a great place to discover new music and ACL was no exception. However, I was most excited to see Outkast and The Glitch Mob perform, and luckily they played back to back at two stages that were really close together.

All our friends told us how crowded it would be, but we didn’t really understand the scope of that statement until we got there. This photo doesn’t even do the crowd justice but believe me when I say it was really busy.

Crowd while watching Capital Cities

Our first ACL experience was something that we’ll remember for a long time. On our way home we stopped by our favorite Taco truck and then immediately went to bed. I think we’re getting adjusted to Austin life just fine.

Nick and Cody at ACL

Cute ass photo of Nick and Cody