DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist @ ACL Live, 9/18


Shadow, Cut Chemist, Bambaataa

Man, DJ Shadow - what is there to say? This guy and Cut Chemist are legends in the DJ / turntablism scene. Shadow put out the first record composed almost entirely of samples. He has over 60,000 records and has forgotten more about music than I will ever know. I first heard Cut Chemist when I started listening to Jurassic 5 in college.

These are two artists that I looked up to back when I first started DJing. Seeing them both live was something I’ll never forget, but this wasn’t a regular Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist show. They played original records Afrika Bambaataa’s famous record collection. The atmosphere in the venue that night was electric.

Bambaataa was smashing the dancefloor with records before I was even born. He knew exactly what records to play during a set to get the crowd moving like wild animals. Words cannot possibly begin to do this show justice; it played out like a musical history lesson. We went with my DJ buddy Kenny and his lady bear Christa and had an absolute blast.